Aloha and welcome to the 55th Annual Hawaii Convention to be held Thursday, October 27, 2016 through Sunday, October 30, 2016.


Registration for the 55th AHC is open.

Meals and souvenirs will be available at a later date. Keep checking back.


2015 AHC Survey!

Help us with our upcoming by letting us know how we did in 2015 and giving us your honest input.


Join the Team!

The Annual Hawaii Convention is looking to fill the positions of Annual Hawaii Convention Secretary and Treasurer. These are both  special worker  positions with a three year commitment. The secretary and the treasurer work closely with each other as well as with the convention chair, the steering committee, and webmaster. We encourage you to read the job descriptions linked below before applying for the position.

Our biggest need at the moment, due to circumstances beyond our control, is for an incoming AHC Secretary.

Resume Deadline for Secretary: November 27, 2015
If you are interested in the treasurer job, please contact the steering committee (use contact page) for more information.

Please keep checking our Join the Team page.

For more information about either position email our AHC Secretary at secretary(at)

Airline Information

Hawaiian Airlines

There is a 5% airline discount available for our mainland guests flying from SEA,PDX,SMF,OAK,SFO,SJC,LAX.SAN,PHX, LAS, JFK to Hawaii on Hawaiian Airlines by using the link Hawaiian Airlines Affiliate Program and using the code: AHCONV

The term “Affiliate Program” does not imply that we are affiliated or endorsing Hawaiian Airlines. The name is their choice, not ours, and this is not something special they are offering us because we are Alcoholics Anonymous. Any group can become an affiliate group.