Webmaster Job Description

Annual Hawaii Convention – Webmaster Job Description

The AHC webmaster is currently responsible for designing and maintaining the Annual Hawaii Convention website, electronic communication systems, online sales systems, and database implementations.  Duties include, but are not limited to those listed below.


1. Designing and maintaining the website annualhawaiiconvention.com in a manner that is consistent with the design choices made by the current convention chair. Design would include insuring the current logo and color scheme are followed.

2. Keeping information on the website current. This information includes but is not limited to:

a. Hotel information including general pricing and links to online reservations when possible (if provided by hotel). Information must include any discount code information as well as contact information.

b. Airline discount information should it be available that year. Information must include any discount codes and links to airline sites as applicable.

c.   Contact information for Steering Committee members.

d. Such information as is deemed necessary by the Steering Committee.

3. Maintaining domain name and hosting company relationships and payments to insure uninterrupted service.

Electronic Communication

1. Maintaining @annualhawaiiconvention.com email addresses and providing training as necessary.

2. Assisting with video conferencing, especially with those Steering Committee members who live on islands other than that on which the Steering Committee meetings may be held.

3. Assist AHC Secretary with emailing participants as necessary: depending on skill of the secretary.

4. Current software in use:

  • Google Apps (Sites/Mail)
  • RegFox (Registration)
  • Quickbooks Online (Report Generation)
  • PayPal Here (Point of Sale Registration/Sales)
  • Microsoft Access (Report Generation)
  • Microsoft Word (Mail Merge)
  • Microsoft Excel (Various)

Candidates should have knowledge of basic HMTL, database query/report writing, as well as an ability to pick up new skills quickly and accurately. Further, knowledge of video conferencing is a big plus if it becomes necessary to hold meetings with members off-island.

Online Sales

1. The AHC webmaster is currently responsible for online sales. This can be accomplished in a number of ways and it is up to the webmaster to present options to the Steering Committee and implement systems as they are chosen.

a. Research best methods and practices for online sales. These may change from year to year as better and cheaper methods become available.

b. Implement chosen system and integrate it into the website.

c.   Provide reports as necessary to the AHC Secretary, Treasurer, and Steering Committee.


1. Currently the AHC webmaster is responsible to assist the AHC Secretary in designing and maintaining the database used maintain records, print registrations, email contacts, and reconcile payments.

a. Research best methods and tools for the job.

b. Assist in implementation of any chosen system.


This job is constantly evolving and the individual filling this position must have basic web design, content management, database, and communication skills. This position requires the ability to conduct research and communicate the results cogently to those who may not possess the same skill. This position requires the willingness to manage the system from day to day for the entire year, not just for the weeks surrounding the Annual Hawaii Convention.