The Annual Hawaii Convention will be accepting resumes for:

2025 Convention Chair

Members from any island that are interested in being the convention chair 

are encouraged to send in resumes along with a proposal 

with information on where and how the convention will be hosted on your island

Job description as outlined in the Hawaii Area Structures and Guidelines

Please see below

Convention Chair

4.5 Annual Hawaii Convention Chair

4.5.1 A.A. Experience — Many chairpersons say five years of continuous sobriety, some say ten years, but all agree that a considerable period of sobriety is desirable. It is suggested that they have served on various Convention committees whether locally, on the mainland or internationally, for a minimum of four years. It is also advised that they have served on two of the following committees, or all, and have knowledge of the function of the others; Registration, Program, Food and Beverage, Thursday Reception, and Entertainment. This would normally include a sound understanding and appreciation of the Steps, Traditions, and Concepts

4.5.2 Leadership—A chairperson should be able to organize and lead, yet act like a servant, rather than a dictator. Leadership should help instill in others a high interest in service. It should also help make sure that some action or discussion is taken on all matters coming before the Steering Committee. Leaving no troublesome loose ends. The ideal chairperson has considerable planning abilities and is able to conduct meetings in an orderly manner.

4.5.3 Communication - The ideal Chairperson is sensitive to the wishes of Convention participants, but is not too personally sensitive. This person has an intense desire to see A.A. and the Convention thrive and prosper. Communication skills and the foresight to serve as an elder statesman of the Convention is important to convey the happenings of the Convention Committee meetings to the Steering Committee and the Area.

4.5.4 Living the example — One of the greatest services a Chairperson can render A.A. without even realizing it, is simply to live in a way that becomes an example for many members. Through watching such an A.A. action, they may come to understand that service to others is part of our personal recovery.

4.5.5 Spirit of Rotation – Spirit of rotation is a practical, organizational and spiritual principle. It is tied especially to the 9th Tradition. Traditionally, rotation of service positions keeps A.A. members from becoming frozen in office. It also ensures that group tasks, like nearly everything else in A.A., are passed around for all to share. Rotation ensures that fresh ideas are brought to the task, and helps to bring us spiritual rewards more enduring than fame. In the spirit of Tradition Twelve, it ever reminds us "to place principles before personalities." Terms are outlined and stated in the Structure and Guideline Appendix C. The steering committee does have the right to extend terms as needed for the better of the steering committee. Before you rotate out of service be sure to help train your replacement and or be available to assist and answer questions as needed.

4.5.6 Select convention committee chairpersons. Require them to have an assistant or alternate approved by the Chairperson. Furnish a list of committee names and telephone numbers to the Steering Committee.

4.5.7 Submit a budget for Steering Committee approval by January 15th of the convention year.

4.5.8 Holds convention meetings Construct an agenda with the convention secretary. Facilitate convention committee meetings

4.5.9 Submits the final draft of the convention flyer to the steering committee for approval by February 1st C-5 Ver 67.0 to include: the theme of the convention, logo, activities, and souvenirs.

4.5.10 Submit speaker tapes for proposed mainland speakers by March. 4.5.11 Work with the convention site staff, catering staff and facilities coordinator chair to confirm logistics of the convention including menus, costs, and facility logistics and set-up.

4.5.12 Submit an overall convention program draft at the June steering committee meeting.

4.5.13 During the convention, preside as host of the event.

The Annual Hawaii Convention are accepting resumes for: