This page has been created to document the job descriptions of the Annual Hawaii Convention Service Committees positions. The information here should be considered a guide to each position and the description herein may not fully describe the job. Currently there are no descriptions for certain positions and this page will be updated when they become available or the descriptions are modified.

Here is a link to a PDF version of the committee job descriptions. 

There are Service Committees open and available for those seeking to be in service. If interested, please send an email to...


shakers and movers



speaker host

out reach

security and Thursday night host.

Al-Anon Chair

Coordinate the Al-Anon portion of the convention.

Chair/Co-Chair shall:


Provide marathon meetings throughout weekend.

Chair/Co-Chair shall:


Set up Archives in designated area for display throughout the weekend.

Chair/Co-Chair shall:

Bulk Mailing

Responsible for bulk mailing of the registration flyers using the guidelines provided by the U.S. Post Office. Mail out should be completed by April.

Chair/Co-Chair shall:


Coordinate with vendor, reserve time(s) and day(s) for activity.

Chair/Co-Chair Shall:

Central Office Liaison

Liaison is the contact between Central Office and the Steering Committee, convention chair and committee. Provide information as needed including flyers to Central Office.

Chair shall:

Convention Chair

See Area 17 Structures and Guidelines, Appendix C.


Sell coupons on site for souvenirs and activities.

Chair/Co-Chair shall:


Work closely with the convention chair to create and design decorations for the convention (including Al-Anon) for the meeting rooms table centerpieces, and stage.

Chair/Co-Chair shall:

Diamond Head Hike

Coordinate activity, reserve time and day with bus company and lead the hike.

Chair/Co-Chair shall:


To coordinate and plan the entertainment and vision of chair, for our conference

Chair/Co-Chair shall:

Faculties Coordinators

The Convention Facilities Committee is a 3 year service commitment. Facility committee chair will be selected from current steering committee members.

Coordinators shall:

i. During these times you will be assigned to certain areas, ie: the doors, the stage area, etc.. You also may be assigned during meal times to collect meal tickets and wristband paid meal participants. No one else gets thru doors, unless otherwise specified, until doors are open to everyone.

Faculties Committee Chair

Chair shall:


Organize the golf event for the convention including transportation and prizes.

Chair/Co-Chair shall:


Greet people as they enter the main ballroom for meetings and meals.

Chair/Co-Chair shall;

Hospitality Room

Plan and schedule events to keep guests entertained over the weekend.

Chair/Co-chair shall:


Greet and seat guests during meals

Chair/Co-Chair shall:


Service the information table throughout the weekend.

Chair/Co-Chair shall:


Distribute lei needed for speakers, readers and other people designated by the chair to receive a lei including Al-Anon.

Chair/Co-Chair shall:


Set up and service the literature table at the convention using volunteers as needed.

Chair/Co-Chair shall:


Ensure that the convention information is brought to all home groups throughout the state and fellowship.

Chair/Co- Chair shall:


Design the program and schedule for the weekend’s events

Chair/Co-Chair shall:

Thursday/Friday/Saturday Night and Sunday Morning Chair

Secretary the Thursday night meeting, find readers and provide the names to the program chair.


Coordinate the pre-registration and on-site registration processes at the convention.

Chair/Co-Chair shall:


Coordinate, schedule and provide security throughout the convention.

Chair/Co-Chair shall:

Shakers and Movers

Transport convention items from storage locker, ensure clean up at the convention and return items to storage. (Recommended for someone with truck as vehicle is not provided)

Chair/Co-Chair shall:


Design and make signs for conference

Chair/Co-Chair shall:


Provide trouble shooting and problem solving on site.

Chair/Co-Chair shall;


Order and sell convention souvenirs including t-shirts and mugs.

Chair/Co-Chair shall:

Speaker Host/Hostess

Host Mainland speakers while they are here for the convention.

Special Needs

Coordinate special needs such as wheelchairs during the convention

Chair/Co-Chair shall:

Surf Meeting

Organize surf meeting in Waikiki

Chair/Co-Chair shall:


Organize the volleyball tournament for the convention, including location and prizes.

Chair/Co-Chair shall;


Serve as the master/mistress of ceremonies, throughout weekend

Chair shall;


Coordinate volunteers to be in service at the convention.

Chair/Co-Chair shall: